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New member here.


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Hello. I have been interested in Bullseye shooting for years, but I am interested in a more active shooting sport. I use a walker and oxygen. I hope that's allowed in matches. Of course, it will affect my time scores, but I believe in safety 1st score 2nd. My user ID is IT1 Wes. This reflects my 25-year service in the Navy. I retired as an information technologist first class , IT1.  I earned expert pistol and rifle shot medals. I enlisted in 1971 and served in Vietnam. In 2001 they mobilized me to active duty, and I am an Operation Enduring Freedom participant.

I am also a veteran of 25 years Teaching English to middle schoolers.

Is there a certain website with an index of knowledge about USPSA?  In Bull's eye it was the Encyclopedia of Bullseye website.

I have been studying USPSA on the University of YouTube. What channels should I subscribe to for USPSA?

I use a Rock Island tactical .45 1911 rail gun. I am buying a Glock 41 .45 caliber. I am also interested in the  Glock 34 long slide  9-millimeter.

Finally, I live in Wesley Chapel,  FL  in the 33543-zip code. My favorite gun shops are the Grey Wolf Armory and the Sunshine State Armory. My email is wesleytillson@gmail.com.


Please look at the picture of my pistol and let me know if it qualifies for Open Division.


Thank you very much


45 AND MINI.jpg

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Hi! And Welcome!

This is a great place to ask questions about USPSA (and IPSC). Just browsing or searching the forum should also find interesting material.


Some stages might be tricky with a walker and you'll certainly lose a lot of time against people who can run fast. I am more familiar with IPSC rules, but I think USPSA also gives the chance to take a fixed penalty if a stage is physically impossible for you.


One thing that people should read is the rules of the sport. USPSA rules are at https://uspsa.org/rules


Your 1911 would certainly be "legal" for Open. Not competitive against hi-capacity pistols with compensators though. ... I have a pretty decent gun for the Division that I like to shoot - and that doesn't necessarily mean I am all that competitive ;):D




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