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Updated Romeo2 info - Enclosed-emitter capable, R1P/DPP footprint


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I stumbled across this video in my YouTube subscription feed this morning, detailing the further development of Sig’s upcoming Romeo2 pistol RDS;

Some key takeaways;

- Likely launch around NRAAM in April, shipping later in summer

- Footprint and bolt pattern same as Romeo1Pro/DeltaPoint Pro - Meaning most if not all of Sig’s revamped optics-ready pistols will be compatible, including the M17/18, X-Five Legion, X-Compact, and any other Sig pistol that comes cut for or equipped with a R1P

- Will include two optional protective shrouds in the package

- Specifically being designed to survive Aaron Cowan’s pistol RDS drop test (5-6 foot drop onto concrete with the pistol oriented optic-down) with either of the included optional protective shrouds installed

- One of the two included optional protective shrouds is a “fully-enclosed shroud with a clear polycarbonate rear lens sealed with a gasket”, creating an enclosed-emitter optic that remains compatible with the R1P/DPP top-down mounting pattern

- Integrated rear suppressor-height iron sight

- MSRP of $5-600 estimated

Looks like an interesting new optic with a novel approach to creating an enclosed-emitter design without the mounting solution issues of the ACRO or Holosun 509T. And sounds like they’re building it to be properly tough. This will be one to watch...

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