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2020 Geissele Gas Gun Series at New Holland Rod and Gun, Gap PA

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Hello All:


Come out and test gas guns skills in the 2020 Geissele Gas Gun Series.  Distances are out to 700 yards for matches at New Holland.  The finale will be at Mifflin county which has 1000 yard range. 


Some sample stages are: movers at 400 and 600 yards, helicopter float board out to various distances, ladder runs, and KYL


Divisions are:


DMR/open: any caliber up to .30 and 3200fps --  

Tactical Light/RECCE:  556/223 cal up to 77gr bullet and 3000fps -- 

Tactical Heavy/RECCE:  7.62/308 cal up to 178gr bullet and 2800fps -- 


Here are the dates for the series:

New Holland - January 25 - Completed!
New Holland - February 8
New Holland - April 25
New Holland - August 15
New Holland - October 25
Mifflin     - October 31 - FINALE!

Links will reside on:

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New division added:

RECCE: Restricted Tactical Light with up to 8x optics, 18" max barrel, no bipod allowed and 1 bag max

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