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Jard PCC trigger experiences

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Hey all, I know the worlds of triggers and comps can be a never ending debate especially in the PCC realm, but on a PCC trigger post on this forum I've seen Jard triggers mention a couple times.  While I'm content with my CMC PCC trigger, I'm definitely curious in the Jard as they offer both flat and curved triggers ranging from 1.5 to 5 lbs with adjustable sear engagement plus over/pre-travel adjustments.


So I'm asking, for those of you who have used Jard triggers in your PCC, what are you thoughts and experiences on them? 

Please keep this to Jard only! I know it could quickly turn into hiperfire this and geissele that and so on; I'm strictly looking for Jard experiences. Thanks!

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I have used them with great success,

Problem is that because they are not a drop in trigger, your lower trigger pin holes had better be with in spec.

If they are not your gun may double and or  not re set.

When right they are a great trigger!

Same with a Hyperfire.

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Hello: I tried a couple of Jard setups in my AR9 PCC's. You have to run a higher trigger pull than 3.5lbs I think or you will get hammer follow or doubling. I tried my 1.5 and 2.5lb setups and could not stop them from getting hammer follow. The same trigger setups work perfectly in my AR-15's. These are great triggers but I don't think they will work for long in a PCC. Thanks, Eric

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Been using Jards (and others) in AR's for about 14 yrs. Been running a 2lb. in my MPX for about a month. They are the most finicky I've ever used but also one of my favs when adjusted properly. 4 points of adjustment. If you can figure it out, you'll like it too. 


I allowed for a little more reset in the PCC and it cured any hammer follow I had. 

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