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WOW, that's a pretty catastrophic failure. Fortunately I have not had this happen, but I do use both Infinity and Schuemann barrels

So many questions; 

1. What caliber? 38sc? 

2. What was your load?

3. How's your hand!?

4. Was this from a squib with a followup round or just a single round failure?

5. How many rounds through it? 


I hope you're OK! 

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That’s a pretty catastrophic failure.  I’m around a lot of Infinitys in Texas (SVI’s home state) and I haven’t seen anything like that.  

Are you guys loading your own ammo in Chile?  What powder?  Some of the international powders can be very inconsistent.


Schaet, you just barely beat me to it.  Now it looks like I copied your first line instead of you copying mine.  Not cool. 😄

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4 minutes ago, schaet said:

WOW, esa es una falla bastante catastrófica. Afortunadamente no me ha sucedido esto, pero uso barriles Infinity y Schuemann

Muchas preguntas; 

1. ¿Qué calibre? 38sc? 

2. ¿Cuál fue su carga?

3. ¿Cómo está tu mano?

4. ¿Fue esto de un squib con una ronda de seguimiento o simplemente una falla de ronda única?

5. ¿Cuántas rondas a través de él? 


¡Espero que estes bien! 


7,7 grns longshot

i is good.

I practiced unhooking a metal.

the barrels has no more than 10,000 round

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19 hours ago, GrumpyOne said:



19 hours ago, GrumpyOne said:



19 hours ago, GrumpyOne said:

7.7 de Longshot no haría eso. Mi conjetura es una carga mayor con algo más en el caso y / o un revés catastrófico de bala. 


¿Puedes tomar fotos de los primers de tus casos gastados y publicarlos?



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4 hours ago, MIGUEL said:





All but 2 of that brass is ok....but those two had some sort of overpressure issues. It could be bullet setback, it could be a larger than normal charge. The ones in question do not appear to be flattened, and if the others came from the same batch, I would expect them to show the same signs, if the cause was bullet setback, I would expect to see them all like that.

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