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Romeo 3 Max on a p320 x5 Legion


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2 hours ago, valerko said:

does it bolt on directly on Legion ? I don't know answer , just curious myself

there is an adapter plate that you need to get for it to mount onto the slide. The slide is cut for a DeltaPoint Pro/ Remeo 1 Pro. After some looking around I think its perfectly legal, people are doing the same thing with the SRO. 

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14 hours ago, SGT_Schultz said:

How on earth could it not be legal to use an adapter plate to mount your optic on the slide?

Why wouldn't it be legal ? Don't recal anything about adapter plate in rules . As long as it is mounted to the slide ....?  What am I missing ?

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On 2/23/2020 at 9:36 AM, RH45 said:

I think that the OPs question was, will it make weight 

Therein lies the issue... 

The Springer adapter plate is about .75 oz. The R3 Max is 1.5oz. That's well over an ounce heavier than a standard Romeo1 set-up. My gun weighs 44.7oz with the Romeo1 Pro (1 oz) without the steel shroud. I'm also using the Go Pedal and Springer base plates. 

The R3Max and adapter plate would work fine for USPSA since I would be removing the magwell. For IDPA with the magwell on, you may have to remove the weight in the grip or find some other spots to shave some weight.

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