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Felt recoil


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So I just came back from the range after shooting a progression of HS6 from 7.4 to 8.3grs.  I have a G34 w a carver 4 port comp and an 11lb spring.  Also have reduced power plunger spring and striker spring.  I recorded the session with my phone, but after viewing all the shots in my phone, I couldn't tell powder amount shot was the flatest.  Has this happen to you?  I'm inclined to go back to the bench and make more bullets from 6.5 to 7.3grs to see if the gun will cycle and determine if the recoil is less.  Any suggestions??

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If you can't tell the difference from shooting or from video, use the lowest charge that meets specs and runs reliably. Or as Jack said, let your timer be the judge.


Pro tip: If you're doing load workups in the powder amounts you listed, you really should be firing them over a chrono and checking closely for high pressure signs. You didn't list your bullet weight or seating depth, but 8.3 grains of HS6 in 9mm, even under a 115 grain bullet, is getting close to big boy territory.

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