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Ruger Redhawk 45 colt grips


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   Since I can't find a Smith and Wesson 45 colt 4 inch, I'm seriously thinking about picking up a Redhawk 45 colt (only) for a really good price.  Now that Bowen has the extended FP,  I should be able to overcome the light strike issues which plagued my last 45 Colt Redhawk.  I'm going the square butt,+ 45 colt only route because TK informed me that the 45 Colt/45 Auto can't be milled for 45 colt moon clips. Hogue has a "Tamer" type grip for the 45 Colt/45 Auto round butt, but not for the square butt.  All of my Smiths, my SRH 454 and my 7 shot snubby all have tamers on them.  Is there a grip, other than the presentation grip, which is rubber and covers the backstrap, mimicking the grips of my other revos?  This would be a packing pistol and primarily throw a 260 WFN through hogs and 'yotes at about 900 fps.  I'd save the Linebaugh bruiser loads for my 454 in 454 brass.




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I've run Redhawks for ages, and have yet to find a grip besides the original factory pattern "splinter" grip that fits my hands. I've tried Pachmayrs and Uncle Mikes grips that cover the back strap, and they turned the grip profile into a 2X4. Hogues are too long in the front for me, I've though about reprofiling a set of Hogue wood grips to remove any fingergrooves and thin the front, but haven't done it yet. I see a number of people who use Altamont factory profile grips with grip adapters. I should try that myself.


Have you considered an Alaskan instead? Rugers really missing the boat by not offering a 4 inch Super Red with a standard Redhawk barrel.

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