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PCC load data - 124/147g + titegroup


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Looking to get into PCC. Going to pick up a JP GMR-15 soon. I believe I’m going with the 14.5” pinned and welded muzzle brake . I currently load 147g Xtreme plated bullets for my CZ shadow. I have some 124 Precision Delta hollow points I could load as well. Currently using 3.2g tite group for my pistol loads.


Any advice on load data and OAL difference for shooting those through a longer barrel?


thanks in advance for any input or advice. Currently loading on a D650.


Take Care,



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I found I could use 0.1-0.2gr less titegroup under 147s and get good results. With Brazos coated bullets I found 3.0 to be a little hot and I was getting flattened primers, so I backed it down to 2.8 and have nice rounded primers and ~145PF. These are seated at 1.100-1.110”. With Everglades plated bullets I like 3.0gr at 1.135” where I use 3.1gr for my pistols (3.0 works well, but I get the occasional failure to lock open on an empty mag so I bumped it up).


All loads with Titegroup powder out of my foxtrot mike 16” barrel. I only have ~2-300 rounds of reloads through the gun at this point, so there could be a better load out there that I don’t know about yet.


Here is a link to a google sheet I started with my load data and chrono data:


9mm Load Data With Titegroup Powder


(Shared from my phone let me know if the link doesn’t work)



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3 hours ago, lonestardiver said:

OAL should not be a factor for a longer barrel. It is a factor for fit in a magazine as well as chamber dimensions. If everything is within SAAMI spec then it should not change because you are shooting through a longer barrel.



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