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MPX Competition comp

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Lantac Dragon and Taccom (if you can find one in stock) are the only two that offers them in M13.5 x 1LH thread pattern iirc. I was lucky to buy one of the last Taccom M13.5 x 1LH comp from shooters connection awhile back.


You can also a thread adapter to use either a 1/2” x 28 or 1/2” x 36 comp. Here’s a M13.5 x 1LH to 1/2” x 28 adapter from downrangeproducts.com



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I know I’m not really helping here with a suggestion, except my suggestion would be to just stick with the brake that already comes on it... being that it’s out there at 16” I’m not sure it really does a whole lot other than look cool anyways (I’m sure it does something and might help some, but unless you plan on shooting super hot PF stuff to create a lot of gas the brake being that far out probably isn’t doing nearly what it’d normally do like on a 5.56 gun or something)...

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