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reloading data for Ruger PC carbine


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This is some of the better loads, all with sport pistol. I tested these loads with a 1x4 scope just for testing I now have a red dot on the rifle. Just about everything I’ve shot in it has been good enough for most applications. Everything I tested was mild loads nothing on the hot side.

My ruger rifle has been outstanding zero malfunctions and very accurate.



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No one is answering your question.So Ill try to help.

I dont have a 40 cal pcc but if i were to try to work up a load.

I would do one of two things 

1  put a 135/140 gr bullet on a 165-200 gr load that makes major in a pistol

2 use a 135/140 gr bullet over a reduced med-fast powder like Sport Pistol

   using a 10% ish reduced starting charge IE    3.8gr and work from there. 

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3.2gr of Alliant e3 under Xtreme 180 plated or powder coated runs nice. My CMMG Resolute 40SW and previous Hi-Point would run e3 loads down to 2.8. I don't trust loading e3 at the lowest end because sometimes it will drop a lighter load (.1 -.2 gr swing). I'm expecting a supply of Ramshot Competition tomorrow. I hear that it meters very well. That may let me run some silly soft loads that I can't trust doing with e3.

Loads under 4.0 of HP38 or Titegroup are good but not as clean burning. Fast powders in long barrel don't necessarily chrono faster. https://shooterscalculator.com/ is useful. I use the 40SW PCCs in 3 Gun out to 200 yards.

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Loading for a PCC isn't going to be fundamentally different than loading for a pistol. The only real difference is that recoil isn't an issue. 


For 40, just load them up to mid range of published data. There's no need to load them nuclear, or excessively light. 

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