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Arsenal Strike One sights.


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I recently acquired a new Strike One at a price I just couldn't pass up. It is an amazing piece for sure. My issue I'm having is simple but not simple so to speak. I'm in need of a new front sight. Some how mine has magically disappeared during a recent range trip. Seemed like I looked for ever but was not able to find it. I have spend hours researching but have found only one place that carries parts for these (Rain6) but have had no luck so far, waiting on owner to get back from Shot Show to get a definite answer. So my big question for anyone on here that own's a Strike, where could I get a replacement sight? I thank you all in advance.

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Looking at that (Rain6) and at the Arsenal site, it looks like for front and rear sights, they have to modify the slide to turn into a "Strike One Speed" http://arsenalfirearmsitalia.it/speed/

I'm really interested in the pistol, but not if sight replacement is that hard. I see a front sight replacement only for the Archon Type B,  but not the Strike One. I thought the Strike one had a simpler dove tailed front sight, but I'm sorry to hear it's that hard to get support.

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On 2/17/2020 at 6:32 PM, valerko said:

somebody was asking me same thing on my Youtub channel. Was surprised Dawson wasn't willing to make one . He ended up getting one from Archon guys  .

Last year I spoke to Archon rep about Strike one parts and was told they can get them

I believe that was me lol.

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