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What's the best work out for IPSC/USPSA shooters?

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I do calisthenics, no weights other than body weight. This keeps me strong, in great shape, and not to bulky. I emphasize in explosive movements such as jump squats, switching lunges, explosive pushups, explosive pull up, and muscle ups. The explosive movements help in all aspects of our sport. I all so do three days a week of cardio hit workouts. 

So work puts go like this.

 Monday, abs

 Tuesday, chest and triceps

 Wednesday, legs

 Thursday,  back and biceps

 Friday, shoulders

 Saturday, full body 

 Sunday, full body

Cardio falls on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday and done all in the evening. 

 A good eating schedule always helps too. 

 And for God sake don't forget your dryfire.

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Great question(s).


Grip strength is critical.  Read BE's book.

Accuracy -see above

Movement-ballistic quick first few steps

Breathing-30 second bust of energy


After shooting with some super squads and a few Area matches, they all seem to be able to push the physical.  All were out of breath at the end of the stage.  Kind of zero to infinity in <30 seconds.


Anything that enhances those attribute is worthwhile..

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Ive been doing F45 classes for the last two months and I think its made a big difference in my shooting.  I can stay comfortably low in an aggressive shooting position for much longer.  I also dont find myself fading near the end of a long match like I did previously.  


I think short sprints, core work and squats/lunges have done a lot for me in only a short amount of time.  

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I start with recumbent bike, then do precours, incline bench with overhead lifts and forward lifts, squats on a bosu, forward dips on a frame, on mat- bird dog, crunches, bridges, lying  on back weight lifts with both arms, on side lifts with right arm, on back- twists to side with legs clutching ball, one leg crossed over the other hand behind knee pull foreward ; dead bug; standing balance on one foot- left and right; standing dips with kettle bell; sitting, band around ankle rotate out both ankles both ways; walk on heels; walk on toes; plank on ball; pushups on ball; stretch hamstrings standing;  triceps pull downs; sitting chest pulls; seated leg press ; seated back extensions; stretch calves standing; sauna for 5 to 10 minutes; shower; done!!

Do  yoga 2X week- Tues and Thurs.


Use captian's of crush trainer daily for my grip.


This routine has worked for me for years. This is also my health program-

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additional infro
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Stage IV Cancer.

Six months Chemo; it is a poison.  Totally trashed my body. I could barely ride my bike 30 yards.  I started increasing the distance.

Walked into a CrossFit Box in an old warehouse.  Great people and a great vibe.  I joined the cult.


30 minute ride to and from the box then;

Typically CrossFit routine:

  • Warm up
  • Skill work (jumping rope, cleans, jerks etc.) always varied day to day
  • Strength work-always changing the muscle group
  • WOD-Workout of the Day-anywhere from 8-20 minutes of high intensity work

3 years later the Cancer came back

Immunotherapy for three years


Did not stop CrossFit, NM, AZ, Spain, Morocco, Greece, France--all the same attitude. No earphones allowed, everyone is very supportive (even when my languages suck)

(side note: I was doing pull ups in a Madrid park.  When they found out how old I was, they all said 'I want to be like you at that age.'


Overall Impression

Great overall fitness.  Lots of core strength which is actually more critically than most people believe.

I can do handstand push up, pull ups, jumping muscle ups, almost doubleunders,   The weight lifting stuff I can usually do Rx which is pretty tough. 

I was in the 56% for my age during the CF Open last year. 


Overall fitness is best, as Lazarus Long says, ' specialization is for insects. '


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Interesting article on training, placebo effect etc from the BBC website - enjoy




that aside, I run 3 times a week and do push-ups and sit-ups every day but I still get tired during a match!! I'm a big fan of carbo loading the night before I do anything (from a day shooting to hiking). Biggest mistake I used to make during a match is not eating - energy gets depleted quickly!! Its why when we are half way through I start eating!

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I hear what your saying about the low ports being 6'6" the 10" off the ground ports seem s to be my downfall. Literally once down getting back up is a pain especially at 50  wasnt so bad at 30 but now i think i need yoga


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I’m no expert I’m a 100% believer in strength training above all.  Especially 3 dimensional work where the body itself moves.  Such as squats, dumbbell lunges and chin ups (mostly wide grip).  These are still the core of my workout and my workout is a whole body one 3-4 times a week.  I have shifted to a more strength focused as I still need some motivation other than maintaining what I’ve got from lifting for 26 yrs.


I do legs & shoulders bi set [3-4 sets]

chest/back/calf/abs quad set [3-4]

bi’s/tri’s bi set [2-3]

sometimes I’ll add a forearm set to the arm one or simply do 3 sets of forearms by themselves 



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