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Zero distance


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I like 12yds. Makes for a relatively flat trajectory. Easy to shoot good groups at. Still on a plate rack size target at 50yds so more than good enough for Uspsa size targets. Close range offset is not bad.

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I zero at 50 yards (also zero at 20).

Dialing in at 50 yields a precise zero and confidence. Trajectory for my 115's @ 1500fps below.


yds  "

-----  -----

0    -1.1
5    -.8
10    -.5
15    -.2
20    ZERO
25    .1
30    .2
35    .2
40    .2
45    .1
50    ZERO

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New to open, still waiting on my gun. What distance do you folks zero your dot? Heard on a podcast that Christian Sailer zero's at 7 yards.  

So you can see from the responses, it won’t matter greatly what you pick. Choose one that suits you.

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Used to be a top-of-the-dot zero at 18 yards was the magic number that would keep shots within an 8-min C-more dot from ~12 to 50+ yards.


That was determined when we all shot vertical C-more Serendipitys and 50 yards was a thing you could expect at matches, so maybe it's changed a bit, but it's still a pretty good place to start.

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