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I had a request for a single caliber version so here it is.


You can just swap out the number in the 1 remaining field for whatever you want to find cost to reloading that single caliber.


FYI, it was easy to edit the original, just delated all the fields for calibers I didn't want, and the only formula I had to fix was the Avg cost per round at the bottom.


I went to just add this to the original post, but there didn't seem to be a way to edit the post any longer. Can you only edit a post for a defined period of time?


ReloadingCost - Single Calber-2020.xlsxReloadingCost - Single Calber-2020.numbers

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You can change any field you want that doesn't have a formula in to suit your setup or desired setup.


The numbers in the area where it says cost of reloading equipment and raw materials are numbers you can change. The numbers I put in there are just made up for an example.


Then you change number of round you shoot a month. Again the number I put in there was just made up to show an example.


Then it will calculate the number of years it will take to break even based on the total investment and the number of rounds you shoot each month.

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