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Anyone use custom in ear hearing protection while flying?


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Does anyone here have customer made in ear hearing protection while they are flying in a plane?


I'm a big fan of my Bose Quiet Comforts when flying.  The active noise cancellation is incredible.


Yes, Bose aren't the best for audiophiles.  Yes, I know the Bose dynamic range, sound reproduction, etc aren't for audiophiles.

However, my use case is watching videos/movies when in a plane.... and for that I prefer the clear mid range and less bass.  It makes the dialogue in a movie much easier to hear without cranking the volume.  And when the cars crash and building explode, my ears don't start bleeding.


With that said... does anyone have bluetooth custom in ear protector and use them to listen to movie while flying? 

How would you compare them to ANC Bose or Sony?


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