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S&W 19 cylinder refinishing


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My first pistol was a Nickle plated S&W Model 19..  It was purchased for me by my father over 35 years ago.  He purchased it from a friend and the gun had some scratches on the cylinder.  I kicked around the idea of having the cylinder re-plated but thought it would more than the cost of just replacing the pistol.  I've had people say just sell it and get a new pistol. Well I can't do that. It is special to me because dad gave it to me and it is a reminder of him.  Recently I decided to just have the cylinder refinished.  The gun is a bright shiny nickel.  I contacted a company called Mahovsky's Metalife located in Grand Valley PA. They said they would strip, re-plate, and polish the cylinder for $52.00 including the return shipping.  I Just received the cylinder back today and I am very impressed.  I wanted to give this company a shout out for a great job at a very reasonable price.

IMG_1017 (1).jpg

IMG_1018 (1).jpg


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