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Greeting from SW Pennsylvania


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Hi Nice to meet you all, My name is Louis...

Im looking to compete in my first USPSA competition this year 2020. Just a silly personal goal. Just looking to have fun with it. Found a local organazation that is going to be having a "New Action Shooting Competitor Orientation" . Im really looking forward to it. 


For equipment so far I have

  1. Gen 4 Glock 34 MOS,
  2. TTI 3.5 lbs trigger Kit
  3. Tungsten guid rod
  4. Burris RMR  
  5. Blade tech comp belt 
  6. 3x magazines +3/4 TTI base pad extensions.
  7. Ears and eyes protection
  8. Range bag


Still need

  1. Holster
  2. Safariland 773 mag holders
  3. $$$$
  4. $$$$
  5. $$$$
  6. $$$$


Hoping Im getting all the right equipment, Ive just been reading a ton and watching videos for the past few months. Other than that I'm a member at my local sportmans club where I shoot at least once a week but they do not host any competition or anything like that.



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