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Brass marks


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Hi, this is a new built 308, with Criterion 20” bbl chrome line, only shot 20 rounds just to make sure rifle is working, so far its 100%. But notice some marks on the neck, could be a rough feed ramp?, pics below




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Marks are from extraction. Ejector pushing hard to right. Right locking shoulders, in extension, are nice and sharp. Case clears chamber and neck is forced to the right and pulled past sharp locking  shoulders. Don't believe? Just line the marks up with the locking shoulders in the extension.

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Remedy, take a very thin stone and knock just the sharp corner off the locking shoulders on the right side. Brownells sells them.

Net gain: a cool new whet stone you can use in all sorts of ways, and the pride of taking care of something that bothered you.

Net loss: cost of said specialty stone, and the calories burnt stoning off the sharp shoulders.

Practical gain: just about 0%

Practical loss: just about 0%

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