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Volume Control for PACT Timers


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For any of you who own a PACT MK IV Timer/Chronograph/Toaster Oven/Calculator combo and would like to tone down the volume on the speaker - I've got a solution.  

If you open the case and look at the back of the speaker, you'll see three wires there.  The terminals the wires attach to are marked +, -, and T.  Putting a small potentiometer in-line with the T wire allows you to adjust the volume.  It will alter the tone of the speaker as well, but it's better than getting your eardrums blasted out while practicing in the living room.  And as we all know, better is better.  

To mount the pot, I drilled a hole in the back wall of the case - the side opposite the display.  You can buy a suitable potentiometer at Radio Shack.  You'll want an exponential pot (better for adjusting volume), not a linear.  A linear will work, it's just a little funny to adjust.  You will need some additional wire as well to allow the pot to be mounted properly.  (Soldering is required.)  If you don't have any soldering experience - this project may not be for you as you can overheat the speaker if you're not careful.  

I'll post some detailed drawings/pictures of how it works in my webspace one of these days.  I am WAY happier with how my timer works now.  



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