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What would it take for you to shoot revolver?

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11 hours ago, motosapiens said:

meh, i just shoot with a cinder block duct-taped to my ass. I love the challenge and being able to beat elderly and crippled people who haven't chosen to handicap themselves.


PCC shooters are just never going to get it, and that is ok, viva la difference & all that. 


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On 4/7/2021 at 5:53 PM, JFlowers said:

Its makes a great home defensive gun for the smaller person who is not a gun person.  When they need it, its grab, point, and pull the trigger.  No safety to worry about, nothing technical.  Due to the low cost of revolvers in the 5 shot 357/38 range, they can be put into a nightstand drawer and not really thought about.

You are right on this and I do train new shooters on gun safety with a revolver first - easy to tell if loaded/unloaded.  Good points.

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