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9mm Minor Load - Shooters World powders??


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Depending upon the required OAL (depends a lot on bullet profile) you'll end up with somewhere between 3.0 and 3.3gr to hit minor consistently. 


I tested several 147 loads, they are less snappy than their lighter brothers, however didn't like the slow slide speed that resulted from shooting the lower velocity 147.

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10 hours ago, adamastergunner said:

Muncie I would be shooting an Xtreme plated round nose bullet.

You'll need to mock up a dummy round and test to determine appropriate OAL for your specific pistol/barrel. 


Not that hard to do, just take a fired case that allows your bullet to fit snugly and seat the bullet without crimping it.  Check it in your barrel to determine if it will 'plunk and spin'.  If not reduce OAL a bit more and try again.  Follow this process until you find the OAL that works for your bullet/pistol combination. 


Remember that with a shorter OAL, you'll need less powder to make the same PF, all other things being equal. 


I've loaded as short as 1.080 and as long as 1.12 for my pistols.

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4.0 gr Clean Shot

124gr PD JHP

132pf from Shadow 2, 140pf from 14.5” PCC.


Very soft shooting in that it runs like a considerably lighter TiteGroup load and it’s extremely consistent and clean.  I’ll never go back to TiteGroup.  With TG, I needed 3.8 gr in the PCC and 4.0 gr to make the same PF so this make I can just run one load for both. 

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3.7 gr cleanshot

147 blue round nose

1.100 +/-.03 oal

131-132 power factor

stock cz shadow 2


At an indoor match I was accused of shooting bunnie farts and asked to chrono my ammo, I was accused of sub 125 power factor by friendly shooters. On site my ammo chronoed 131-132 just as I promised. Fellow shooters were scratching their heads, but pleasantly surprised. 

I could reduce the charge, but this cycles all of my guns better than 3.2-3.5 gr. 

I lose 2 power factor from my Dan Wesson PM 9 and gain 3 power factor from my Canik Tap9sfx. Therefore I enjoy this middle ground. 

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