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Best platform that uses Glock mags?

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If budget isn’t a concern, with Glock mags, JP is probably the best IMHO, but MBX and maybe a couple others are probably right there too.


If you’re looking to get your feet wet on PCC before going whole hog on some of the pricier complete-rifle stuff, you can build and upgrade as you go: I recommend the FM Products stuff, especially their lower, which is killer for the money (Wilson and a couple other “big names” actually license their design then charge a lot more money).


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I have a CMMG Guard. Mixed impressions. The radially delayed blowback bolt is great. The fit of the CMMG upper and lower is terrible, however, and the feel of the rifle suffers because of it. The rifle cycles flawlessly even though I have tuned the buffer system plenty. My CMMG barrel is also very picky with bullets and ammo, short throat and very few bullets are accurate through it.


If I'd do it all over again I'd do a build with QC10 upper and lower with CMMG radially delayed bolt. Also curious if the CMMG bolt works in the JP.

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@midvalleyshooter if you want something that will run flawlessly you buy the JP and never look back. My rifles are loaned out at pretty much every match I shoot. 1, 2, 5 shooters, it doesn't matter they just run. I even left my GMR's with Federal at their demo bay at 2019 Nationals. The backup was there the whole time and the primary was there when I wasn't shooting it. No idea how much ammo they put through it but it didn't matter. I didn't bother cleaning it or doing any maintenance the entire week (PCC/Open + Limited/CO). 

After hundreds of thousands of rounds of probably every type of 9mm you can find through my JP's I'm sold. Like @rowdyb, I prefer shooting PCC not tinkering with PCC's. 

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Like most other if cost is not a concern get a jp however for me cost is allways a factor and I went with a psa ar 9 that's i got new for $550 and after getting set up to my likeing that includes drop in trigger, techwell magwell, comp, c more railway, crimson trace cmr-206 and a taccom recoil set up I've have $1,200 in which is about half what a jp will cost

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