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Bigger Dillon primer system?

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Small Primer tube = .183 ID x 5/16" OD Part #89965K18
Large Primer tube = .215 ID x 5/16" OD Part #89965K472

That will get you a 3' tube


Im not 100% sure on the dimensions of the outer tube. if you take a caliper and get od and id i could tell you the pipe size and you would just need a coupling and a piece of pipe to extend it.


I would think you could up it to 200. Depending on your ceiling height

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I would buy the FFB if...

1. It was as reliable as the Mark 7 primer system (doesn’t appear to be)

2. If it was safe - I don’t like the idea of a chain reaction on that ramp

3. It was closer to the price of the Mark 7. I know when I bought the Revolution it was closer to $1600 upgrade. Maybe higher now.



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Atlasguy do you have a bullet feeder? It takes 15 -20 min to load 1000 primers in tubes.

with a setup machine ( powder drop set length set etc) a hand operated s1050 can eazly 

produce a 1000 rounds an hour.( this includes filling the primer tubes)

every time the primer warning goes off add bullets and primers approximately every 4th time 

add cases. just a steady pace don't rush or try to see how fast you can go

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I don't recall the details, but when I first started working at Dillon (35+ years ago), I asked Mike Dillon why we didn't stack 200 primers on the RL1000. He alluded to an accident at a Winchester plant. I don't know if it was in regards to dropping a vertical column of 200 primers at one time, as now they travel farther, and have greater velocity when they stop, or if it was the weight of dropping 100 primers onto 100 primers. Either way, there was a safety reason Mike Dillon limited the magazine capacity to 100 primers vertically.

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This is not a bigger primer system per say but certainly adds functionality and capacity to the RF100. Entirely Crimson makes an adaptor that allows the RF100 to load individual primer tubes. If you want to load 1K rounds at a time without waiting for the RF100 in the middle of a session or buying extra RF100 tubes, this may work for you. I typically run the RF100 during loading session set up and all of my primers are waiting in tubes prior to beginning to load.



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