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Help with upper build/options

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Been considering getting a PCC upper but as I live in Norway options are more limited. Buying a dedicated gun are, for time being at least, not an option. Easiest place to get parts are the Norwegian branch of Brownells. So far the options seems to be (unless Brownells adds more for export):



Uppers for Colt style mags:
Faxon Firearms complete 16" upper, FX916U. Approx $1000
Rock River Arms A4 9mm upper, Approx $1320 (would also need a new handguard)
JP Rifles upper is also probably possible but very expensive


Hahn conversion block, top down, $323
Colt dedicated block $270 (Is this installed like the Hahn dedicated, by removing bolt stop?)
RRA block $400
Brownells with one magazine: $363
Hahn dedicated about $400

Also available:
CMMG 9 ARC Resolute 300 upper, approx $1450

Finally another option is to build the upper from parts like:
Odin works 9mm upper receiver
Barrels range from Faxon at $267 to BSF Carbon at $800
BCG approx $300
+ handguard+++

I think my preferred option would be the Faxon complete upper, assuming quality is okay.
With Hahn block. Either top down or dedicated. Not sure I want to keep removing and installing the bolt stop as I switch between 9mm and 5.56. Then again how many changes will it be each year?

I've been looking at blocks for Colt style mags rather than Glock. Like the standard mag release for consistency, but for reference Stern block for Glocks are $430. Glock 33rds mags are same or more expensive than Metalform 32rds colt style. (this week I can get them on sale for half price or less compared to Glock)


Suggestions for buffer/spring? (buffers like JP Silent captured springs are too expensive for now)
Any other thoughts/recommendations?


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Does Brownells offer Foxtrot Mike products in your area? Their products are affordable with excellent customer service and they support the sport. I use their bolt and ultra lightweight barrel on top a dedicated colt lower. The set-up is 100% reliable, barring the occasional dirty upper or magazine (my fault.) I'd start with their buffer and spring as well to get a feel for things. The JP, Blitz, and Taccom stuff is nice but not required.


A few years back I built a PCC using a Faxon barrel, Faxon Gen 1 bolt carrier and KAK Colt magazine block. Previously, I had great luck with Faxon products, but this gun just would not feed ANY 9MM reliably. Buffer/spring/magazine brand didn't make a difference. I eventually had the barrel "feed cone" re-profiled and things have been great since then. In the middle of it all, the extractor roll pin somehow fell/walked out of the bolt carrier, causing the extractor to get damaged between the breechface and bolt carrier. Faxon was very slow to support with a replacement extractor and pin. 


I'm also not a fan of the various magazine release positions with Glock style magazine blocks. Colts mags are fine but pretty tough to seat on a closed bolt. You can "tune" the mags a little and download them by a few rounds to help out. +2/3 Glock base pads (flat) fit Colt mags and cause far less palm damage when slamming them home. Metalforms run right out of the box, ASCs not so much (in my experience.) I eventually went to a Glock lower in hopes for more reliable magazine changes, too soon to tell if it was worth the time/expense.


Good Luck

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Thank you.


Some F-M products are available, but the complete uppers are not (yet). They have F-M upper for Glock mags listed but with "unfortunately this product cannot be ordered" instead of a buy now button.

But I suspect that might be because they are waiting for it to be added to their export license. With the upcoming ITAR changes things should get easier (move from State to Commerce dept). Can currently get F-M BCG, buffers/springs, handguards and triggers.


One advantage with our consumer laws, is that for any problems with the products I would only have to deal with Brownells Norway and not have to worry what Faxon or others say. Thats between Brownells and them. 



I might wait a little to say what uppers/options becomes available if/when PCC become approved by the authorities


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