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AR-Gold PCC limited run

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 the pcc version is non adjustable I think they state 3.5 lbs pull. IMO what makes the Ar gold great is the adjustability. My 308 Ar gold is set at 1 lbs 8oz, I’ve never had a issue with it using a icrw bolt or shooting innovations bolt. It is possible to send in a .223 Ar gold to atc and for $50 they will replace the .223 hammer with a .308 or a pcc hammer. 



I think @RaylanGivens uses a taccom bolt with his 308 Ar gold trigger. 

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Consider the TriggerTech Diamond or their new PCC triggers as an alternative. The AR Gold used to be my favorite trigger until I tried the TT Diamond. It's very similar, but just a little bit better. Less creep because it doesn't use the traditional trigger design (sliding, friction), and can be adjusted to very low pull weights. Same light initial takeup like a 1911. Extremely short reset.

The Diamond runs perfectly in 2 of my PCCs and my 3gun style AR. A little under a 1 lb. pull (adjusted all the way down) in the competition PCC and in the 3 gun AR. Had to raise the pull weight a little in my 2nd pcc (more of a PDW, short barrel), but it's still under 2 pounds in that one.

I'm not sure why they designed a new PCC-specific trigger, since the Diamond works already... but they will be showing it, along with some other new triggers, at SHOT Show.

Personally, I wouldn't want a non-adjustable 3-3.5 lb. trigger when there are other options out there that can do much better.

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On 1/15/2020 at 3:06 PM, Bwillis said:

I think @RaylanGivens uses a taccom bolt with his 308 Ar gold trigger. 


I originally used a Taccom bolt with my AR Gold trigger, but switched to an Iron City bolt when Taccom stopped offerring their bolts with the cutout for the ramped barrel.


Both bolts worked well, but the Iron City bolt is easier to clean and has a much more fluid coating.


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On 1/19/2020 at 9:05 AM, SwedishMoose said:

Max L runs the PCC trigger and he said it wasn't great at first but after it's broken in, it comes down to ~2.25lbs and it's been reliable for him. 


It's hard to keep track of what trigger stuff Max is running... 


I watched a video from the SUPS match this weekend and he was running a HiperFire trigger in his new gun.

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