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The new XDm Elite


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Nice,,, No 45 though,,, Ive got the older OSP in 9mm,  Got it in trade , My first poly gun I ever shot much , liking it so far. Put the drop in PRP kit in.. Worked well for awhile but then started getting light strikes. Kit came with 2 stryker springs,  Had the lightest one in, and just put the stronger one in.
I like the gun but dont have any use for it really. Would rather have it in 45.
wonder how that mag funnel will fly In CO for USPSA,,, probably not as I see it is removeable.
Also SOmeone needs to buy one and tell us how the trigger is Vs the PRP kit

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I got one on T&E.

Trigger is OK- I would still mess with it for competition.

Handles very well. Sights are perfect lower 1/3 on a 507C.

Magazines don’t gauge at 140. So that sucks. It is a great shooting / handling gun.


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Are they more than 141.25 mm?  Are they legal for carry optics?  This is critical to my decision whether to buy one.  Thanks.

Yes - they are too long to fit the gauge . They do ship with the flat base plates to make them standard 19 rounders



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