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Tungsten barrel sleeve


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Tungsten is very hard. One of the most hard materials on earth. However... hard is equal to brittle in this case.


Anyone ever break a tungsten sleeve? Granted it has good tensile strength..


Just curious how well these are living. Sure it adds some dwell due to reducing the FPS of slide during initial movement. Though, it has me wondering about real world longevity.


Any insight or opinions welcome. Thank you

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There are different tungsten alloys, tungsten carbide is more brittle and harder to machine than tungsten alloyed with say steel which isn't as brittle and is easier to machine. The bigger concern with a tungsten sleeve is wear resistance, if there is too much wear on the sleeve or slide accuracy will be effected.


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9 hours ago, Stickman301 said:

I’ve never heard of anyone breaking the sleeve. They do shoot nice but it’s an expensive option. Hybrid barrel accomplished same principle in different fashion. 

My new Bedell has the KKM island bull barrel and all others are Hbar KKM barrels. I agree with you!

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