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SDB issue - FYI - bullet seating

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So I have a couple of Square deal B loaders that I use for downloaded ammo for target use. ( I Also use several 550s and 650s) They are pretty simple die wise, and I really did not see any issues until I was loading 38 special wad cutters.  I had been loading plated DEWCs for the smith model 52.  I switched over to a 148 gr WC caste bullet with a graphite or some such coating tht I got for free from another source. After a couple hundred, I started getting real inconsistent bullet seating depths, with most seeming to get pushed in to far. I dis-assembled the seating die and found two issues - first the top "segment" of the wadcutter of one projectile had apparently broken off and jammed up in the nose of the seater.  It was held in place by a lot of the graphite and / or lube stuff that built up in the seater. as it shifted it changed how the new bullet was being seated as far as depth.  Once cleaned up everything was re-adjusted and loading was just fine again.   I wanted to post a heads up for those using this type of setup and loading lubed / wadcutter type bullets. 

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