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Squeaky Trigger

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New SP-01 while dry firing, I heard a squeak. I put it in half cock, and then worked the trigger back and forth without letting the hammer drop. I could definitely pick up the squeak. I’m not positive where the noise is coming from, whether internal in the trigger mechanism or from the movement of the hammer. But, I think it is from the hammer - maybe. 


Will this wear in and eventually quieten down, or do I need to put some oil somewhere?

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30 minutes ago, Stafford said:

OK, I know where the hammer spring is, but I don’t know where the hammer strut is???

The Hammer Strut is the rod the the hammer/main spring is rapped around. I agree with the remedy posted above, a bit of lube on the hammer spring/strut should take care of the sound. Pulling the grips will allow access to this part so that you can apply some lube.


A reference picture of a Hammer Strut.



A refrance picture of an SP-01 with the grips removed. Here you can see the hammer spring as well.






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I think this picture is of the strut in my Pre B CZ85 but can't confirm it.  Lack of lube/care I'd say as it was nasty/dirty with pitted barrel/chamber and some pits on the slide when I got it.


See the little shiny spots (where the light is hitting grooves worn into the strut by the spring) on the corners of the strut.  I could hear it making a sort of clicking noise as I thumbed the hammer back.


The spring coils would set down in a grove and then pop out and drop into the next grooves as the hammer was cocked (compressing the spring).


Used a stone to remove the bumpy corners from the hammer strut and then lubed it up.


Let me add, when I get a new CZ these days, I will take it apart (when I'm installing any springs/etc.) and stone the four corners of the hammer strut to round them off/smooth them out.  Can't say that will "fix it forever" as none of my CZ's (other than the Pre B CZ85) have a lot of age/wear on them.



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