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Inline Fabrication's Locator Pin Add Ons

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Called Dillon because 2nd station of SDB was not lining up properly

10 - 15% of the time, and crushing rim of empty case.


Dillon suggested removing the InLine Fab pin add ons (the

blue plastic tabs that make it so easy to remove the pins

when you need to).


Removed them, and have loaded 150 rounds without a

single crushed case.


Anyone else have trouble at station #2 of SDB with the

blue pastic tabs on ??


Probably same problem with 550, 650 and 1050 also ???


p.s.  Don't mean to knock InLine - I LOVE their products,

        and the blue tabs are super for taking the pins out.

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59 minutes ago, Dirtchevy841 said:

I had to cut the dillon ones for my 1050 at the powder station tab. It was hitting a little. Also cut the in-line fab down for my sons sdb cause it was in the way 


Dillon must have heard about that as the 1100 comes with a tab cut down especially for the powder station.

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