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Scouring marks on bolt underside

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On 1/10/2020 at 4:52 PM, BoyGlock said:

Thats an extreme bolt so I guess its not that old. 
I could send it to you but Im not sure you can send it back.

Hope to be enlightened here as to: What causes it, why, how to prevent it, and such. 

I can't say as to why it happened without seeing it, I remember now, you are outside the USA......which totally complicates things. From the pic, it looks to be an early extreme bolt and looks more like tooling chatter marks.....but I can't be sure. The dull finish gives it away, early extreme bolts were only NiB coated, not polished and NiB


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14 hours ago, BoyGlock said:

As of the now it shoots very well. After thorough cleaning and inspection, No hiccup whatsoever. Liked its 5.25” barreled ulw and 3-stage buffer very much. Will continue using it and monitor this hoping it wont mar itself further. 

Knowing that you are outside the USA, does complicates things a little.......keep an eye on it, run it till the wheels fall off and if you do ever get to the states, we will take care of you.\


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