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Calling shots question (tomasie video)


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Hi guys,


Shot my first match last weekend and had a blast, but realized my key area of improvement is in calling shots. My score was really dragged down by having 5 Mike's throughout the 5 stages, and each one I didnt even know I missed


I'm planning to really make an effort in learning to shot call in my next live fire practices, but in the meantime was looking at a few threads / videos. I came across this tomasie video which has a first person view of his sights.  I'm trying to get a sense of what I should be looking for, but the view of his iron sights vs. Target confused me a bit. It didnt seem like the shots were going where the front sight was when the shot broke, particularly when there was a shot pulled high / right off the black part of the target. Am I missing something or is it just that his sights aren't quite aligned properly in the video?


The red dot section makes sense to me - I can follow the shot calling and match the holes on the target. I shoot single stack so just want to make sure I'm looking for the right thing as far as iron sights go when I live fire practice this or next weekend



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