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New 5x5 classifier times


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As you’ve probably heard, the times for the 5x5 classifier were adjusted as of Jan 1st. Looks like an avg Of around 3 seconds or so quicker for each classification (it’s harder now). 
I find it odd that they changed the times on the 5x5 but not on the long classifier. 
Myself and my small group of buddies can all make SS pretty easily with the long classifier, but I just did the 5x5 with new times and just missed SS (would’ve made it with old time). 
Anyone else have similar results? 

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Not uncommon.


I said when they came out with the 5x5 that you could easily go up a classification, when you are really the lower.  And that has happened many times and now they are no longer competitive in the new class.

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Most people found the 5x5 classifier considerably easier than the older ones, 70 or 90 round. Why? Fewer skills are tested with the 5x5, which really just tests your Bill drill ability.


I wish the 5x5 would go away completely.

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I shot the 5x5 with a friend in practice last week as he wanted to do it as he hadn't competed it a year or so and wanted to benchmark off of it. He is a MA shooter who was good in his day with a stack of DC trophies and plenty of bumps to EX and MA at nationals in multiple divisions. So he shot it in 20 something, not having shot a match in over a year.


I shot it in 13 raw and 2pd for 15something. A measure of one's skill in 25 rounds and less than 20 seconds? Inadequate and unrepresentative imho.


But I was all like in the moment, "heck, that's a decent pcc time for a lot of people!" and laughing. (When I have shot the 5x5 with a pcc I do it in about 10s, zero down.) I was trying really hard hahaha. I usually shoot it, SSP, in about 16s,  zero pd cold. I was warmed up that day.


The bright spot about the adjustments to time is seeing CO with the fastest time. That's totally appropriate.

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On 12/9/2020 at 9:29 PM, BartCarter said:

I saw PCC times listed on the IDPA website in the 5 X 5 classifier.  Am I right that PCC can classify in the 5 X 5?  We are having a classifier this weekend and they are talking about putting on a different, longer range PCC classifier.

Don't do the PCC Classifier. The 5x5 is harder in my opinion and there's seriously nothing tested in the PCC classifier that you would actually see in an IDPA match. So why waste the 72 rounds and hold up the match.

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