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Tanfoglio Elite Stock 3, 10mm for CC and IDPA


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I have been thinking hard and looking at getting the Tanfoglio Elite Stock III in 10mm for Plain View Carry/CC and maybe  some IDPA shooting. Please tell me are there any problem & any to watchout for? I plan on carry the Tanfoglio with SF X300U & SFX400 and plan on getting IWB & OWB Holsters. I wish it came allready Hard Chromed from Tanfoglio.

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As far as the guns go from Tanfo the Limited Pro is gonna be the only option that is good for IDPA.

LOK grips with the light weight treatment, and the aluminum guide rod from patriot defense gave me a pistol righ at 42.5oz with a mag, and a BSPS easy off base pad in the gun.


If you dont care about shooting major matches, and you local IDPA club doesn't care if you shoot an illegal gun go for it.


But srrch is right. Stock 3 can't be made to make weight in my opinion. Main reason I got rid of mine. Amazing gun though!

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35 minutes ago, arkadi said:

Stock I is 9mm only, no?

9x19, 9x21 are the only offerings in European Tanfoglio catalogue.


The EAA Stock 1 is different than the IFG Stock 1.


The IFG Stock 1 comes in 9mm, 40, and 10mm. Patriot Defense has them. Youre gonna want the large frame version.

Also the IFG Limited Pro comes in 10mm as well. Longer barrel, and can make weight in IDPA if you change a few things out.


But if you like the look of the EAA Stock 3, youre gonna like the look of the IFG Stock 1

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