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9 major box ammo


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Who on here shoots 9 major and doesn’t reload. There is at least 4 companies making 9 major Ammo. Atlanta arms, Everglades, Titan, and Black Dot. Who’s is shooting these brands and how do you like them? Also is there any others that I haven’t seen? 

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You are safe using the Everglades ammo.  Their claims are accurate.  In fact, IMO they are hotter than they need to be, at least in my guns.  Two 3/16" poppels and a custom 3-chamber comp.  If your gun bleeds more gas that that, your PF will go lower.  That may be why they load them so hot.

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Below is my info from Atlanta Arms 125gr 38 super. Full size gun with 3 popples and a 4 port comp.


Created: 12/27/19 02:05 PM

Description: Atlanta arms 125 jhp 38 super Notes 1:

Notes 2:

Distance to Chrono(FT): 10.00

Ballistic Coefficient: 1.000

Bullet Weight(gr): 125.00

Temp: 50 °F

BP: 1018.46 inHg

Altitude: 500.00

#          FPS  FT-LBS      PF

5    1379    527.90  172.38 

4    1388    534.82  173.50 

3    1389    535.59  173.62 

2    1393    538.68  174.12 

1    1397    541.77  174.62 

Average: 1389.2 FPS

SD: 6.7 FPS

Min: 1379 FPS

Max: 1397 FPS

Spread: 18 FPS

Shot/sec: 0.4

True MV: 1390 FPS

Group Size (in): 0.00

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I’ve been shooting Everglades 124 9major for past year. 3000 rd through my Limcat without issue. I need to order more actually since I don’t reload. Gonna order some of the 147 also to try. The 147 from Atlanta arms is amazing and noticeably softer but also pricey compared to Everglades. Hoping the Everglades 147 is similar 

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Got some Everglades and black dot Ammo in for my new Tangfoglio gold team 9major upper. Neither  one will load into the pistol. Having to send pistol back to the smith to have the chamber reamed out for the longer loads. Hopefully I will have it running before long. 

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On 1/4/2020 at 10:25 PM, Shinarel said:

Shot Everglades for a while when I was getting my press and load worked out. Open 9mm Major 124s ran like a freight train, Major 147s had constant feeding problems. As with open guns, ymmv. 

Ran a bunch of Everglades 124gr Major last night in a small indoor match after my own loads were not hot enough and had a few FTE on a new to me used CK Hardcore. The Everglades ran perfect and felt great. My buddy had it left over cause he likes their 147gr major a little better in his open Glock 34. So I bought the balance of what he had.


By the way I have used their 115gr, 124gr, & 230gr plated & JHP bullets for my reloading for several years. In excess of 40K. Great stuff, fast free shipping on the bullets.



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put some Everglades 147 9mm major through the chrono out of my Tanfoglio open pistol and came out to 164.56 power factor. Anyone else have a problem with Everglades Ammo not meeting PF? Black dot Ammo I ordered chrono at 169pf out of same pistol. 

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So I have shot about 500 rounds of the 9mm Major Blackdot Ammo, and had a chance to chrono some today from my Honcho in Open configuration.  I am REALLY hoping the chrono (not mine) was just having a bad day and terribly wrong, but i was getting readings of 1995-2000 FPS for velocity at 10 feet.  I am going to get out again in a couple days and check again with a brand new chrono, hopefully in ideal conditions, and try to get a more accurate reading.  Had similar results with some of the 9mm Major loadings from Impact Ammo (121gr Major), right at 1990 FPS.  

There is no conceivable way it could really be producing 2K FPS velocity, right????

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