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Shooting Coaches/Classes in Lower NY

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Can anyone recommend a good place to take classes or perhaps a coach who is focused on competition shooting in the Lower NY/Hudson Valley/Greater NYC areas?


There are tactical/carry/defensive type classes all over the place, but I'm not really interested in any of that. I want to get better at our game.


I'd trust recommendations from people on this forum far more then trying something word of mouth.


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On 1/4/2020 at 1:18 PM, jschweg said:


 recommend   classes  focused on competition shooting  


I took two different classes, taught by very well respected shooters, over the

years and neither one addressed the basics :


1.  The grip

2.  The stance

3.  Trigger pull

4.  The gun


Both of the courses I took - they talked a lot, and had me shoot a LOT of drills (700 rounds/day).


That helps a bit (and required bandaids on my hands) but did NOT address the fundamentals

of shooting fast (grip and trigger pull).


I now have a one-on-one coach and that's where we're starting.


Also, setting up your gun to shoot flatter.  Our first meeting, my new coach gave me six different

things to change on my gun to make it shoot softer and flatter.


If your guy just starts you shooting a lot of drills, and doesn't help you with the basics FIRST -

beware.   You wil improve from shooting drills for two entire days, shooting 500- 1,000 rounds/

day, but you will not improve as quickly, or as far, as if you get the basics down first.


Good luck with it.

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