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Transition drill needed


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There are some great ones out there.  One of my favorites is simply placing two targets (steel or paper) on the same plane about ten yards apart.  They can be 10 yards away or 50 yards away.  Break one clean shot on the first and focus on moving your eyes to the next target while you bring the gun and the sights to it.  Break a clean shot on the second target and repeat.  I might do a 10 shot string and then move the targets closer or further away.  You can also vary the target distance, I.e. one target at 5 yards and one target at 20 yards.

And don’t forget to have fun with it!!

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My old home had a rather large backyard.  I placed two-three zebra targets about ten yards apart.

I did Brian's transition drill in dry fire.  I slowed way down and moved my eyes then the gun in a deliberate pace.  I was not looking for speed. I wanted the gun to stop in the A zone.

Max M. once told me he does a lot of his dry fire drills at 50% of his match pace.

Whether you're a Lanny Bassham or Mike Seeklander fan, they both talk about your conscious mind is used to train your sub-conscious mind.  

By going slower in my dry fire, I really try to embed the correct technique.

It has paid off during a match.

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