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Coda Evolution lower- mag release

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Hey guys-

After fighting with unreliable, closed bolt, Colt magazine reloads for the last year or so I've decided to try a Glock pattern lower. I found a good deal on what appears to be the last ever Coda Evolution lower (I need a left side mag release) and finished putting it together last night.


To anyone using this lower, have you had reliable function from the left side magazine release with the bolt forward? 


With an empty mag inserted, the left side button needs way more than I can manage with my pointer finger and the magazine will not drop free. The brand of magazine doesn't seem to matter and I'd expect it to be worse with a loaded mag. I didn't have a lot of time to mess with it, but it seems like this is a design flaw of the mag catch. Both Gibbz and KE use a fixed pivot point on the right size of the receiver but the Coda mag catch just kinda floats(found this out after purchasing).  

Any input is appreciated, thanks.




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