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Ben Stoeger class in Florida has 1 spot open


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A spot has opened up in the Skills & Drills class Feb 7/8.  Class held at Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club, Palm Bay, Fl. Cost is $370 and this is a small class; only 7 students + me.  Ben has also agreed to shoot our local club match the next day with a squad of just the students & i have it on good authority this will be the last time he does this ...


E-mail me at: steelshootbanners@outlook.com if interested

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Still one slot open in the small (7 person) Skills & Drills class on 7/8 Feb.  Lots of questions but no takers.  Don't miss this chance to take a class with Ben in a small class AND shoot a match with him on a squad with just him & the class students.  I have it on very good authority that this is the last time he'll be doing that.  E-mail me at:  SteelShootBanners@outl;ook.com for info

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