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Bore guides for Ruger Pricision in 6.5cm?


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I didn't think something as simple as buying a bore guide for my RPR would end up being as tough as it's turning out. I have the JP Enterprise bore guides for the ARs in 223 and 30 and love them, very well thought out and great quality. Bought the Sinclair Bore Guide that was listed as specifically for the RPR 6.5 Creedmoore and was surprised when I went to use the thing. Guide is about 14" long, and extends 4-13/16" past the end of the rifle. Solvent port is on the very end of the guide. I measured from the end of the guide to the end of my 24" barrel and the shortest cleaning rod would need to be 44" long. Don't feel like spending another $40 for the longer rod just to use the Sinclair guide. If this guide was specifically for the RPR they should know how long the bolt is and where the ejection port is located similar to the JP guides.

Tried looking for other options for guides and not discovering a decent model out there. I sent the Sinclair back and now wish I would have kept it. Chop 4-1'2" of the end and some time with the drill press to mill a new solvent port would do the trick since can't find anyone else that has figured this out.

Anyone else successful?

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