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CZ Shadow 2 with Kadet .22 conversion for youth shooter.

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Hello all, My 10 year old has been to the range a few times with me now and I've been working with him at home with dry-fire practice. He wants to try steel challenge with me this spring. I will be shooting a shadow 2 and was thinking of picking up a second one and a kadet .22 conversion for him to run in the rimfire class. 


Does the kadet kit work well? Is it easy to rack? My son is pretty small and I've had him try to rack several of my different 9mm pistols and he cannot rack any of them in a safe manner. Hopefully I can cure this by getting him to work with some weights. 



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I have one that I've played with only a little. One thing I did notice is you need a stock hammer spring to make it reliable.  If you have a lighter one, you'll get some light strikes.



Can't recall the racking force, unfortunately.  It didn't stand out as being strong.

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I have one and use it on local steel challenge matches and its been 100% reliable as for racking its super easy compared to a 9mm slide. I will say even though its lighter than the 9mm slide the gun is still heavy and might be a little much for a 10 year old. When my kid was 10 I had a Kimber Rimfire Target complete gun that he shot because the slide and frame where aluminum and really light. 

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On 1/11/2020 at 8:43 PM, Stuey said:

I have one and it is a little big for my 10 year old. I would recommend one of the Ruger Target 22.

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At the moment I have him shooting a M&P 22 that is suppressed to help keep him from flinching. He has no issues racking it back but the gun seems to have "bad days" when it just doesn't like to function properly.

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In case you are still looking: CZ Shadowline (classic 75B style, not the SP01 version) is quite a bit lighter than the Shadows. It works with Kadet 1 or Kadet 2 kits. CZ 75 or 85 lowers will also work. Thin grips, some grip tape, maybe slight trigger job, and he will be all set.


I have this combo with Kadet 1 and it has been very reliable with old style metal mags. The only downside is the mags are expensive and PITA to load manually (get a baby maglula). My K1 doesn't feed properly with new style polymer Kadet mags.


Buddy's S1K2 combo works with old and new mags no problem. We shot steel challenge at -20C without any issues beside frozen paws.

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