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2011 40 cal Ammo options


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Looking at getting a 2011 pistol and wanting advice on Ammo options. I am familiar with Atlanta arms and precision delta, I was just wondering if there was any other companies making competition loads designed for a 2011 pistol. Have zero interest in loading Ammo. 

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Federal syntec is a good option. There sponsored by the uspsa or vise versa and are guaranteed to make power factor. Unless you plan on chronoing ammo before buy a large quantity, most 40 will be well above power factor and be a little snappy compared to ammo designed for uspsa

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On 1/6/2020 at 2:30 PM, Leftylivesmatter said:

Precision Delta 180 Longs for sure! They load them to OAL- 1.180, which 2011's love!



Give some PD longs a try.  Order them in the "MatchPacks" and they come in a really nice mini ammo can. 

You'll love the ammo, I guarantee it.  Even if you didn't (you will ;) ), just ring the office any you'll be taken care of. 


As an FYI, PD .40 Long is also a USPSA certified ammo.  

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