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135gr load for pcc with wst

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I've heard of folks having great success with WST. One person mentioned using it because it seems to be a power that's still available during shortages.

However, Without published data you"ll end up doing a lot of trial and error based on other people's data. Just be cognizant of the error part of that equation.

I've switched to sport Pistol and not looked back. I keep a generuous supply on hand.

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Hornady published load data for WST in 9mm at one time. 


I use WST for loading shotshells and started using it for .45 ACP. Found it to be a great clean shooting powder for 9/38/40/10/45 loads using lead bullets and use it all the time for regular loads. Loaded my .40 major loads with it for many years and always had good results. 

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7 hours ago, moonshoxx said:

Well damn I have been using it for years pushing a 147.  I was thinking 4.0 and call it a day

I tried WST with moly 135s, was around 3.7-3.8gr out of a 16” barrel. 

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I load coated Missouri Bullet 135 gr (.357 diameter) for 9mm over WST.  3.7 grains gives 127 pf out of my 4" barrel, and 135 out of my 5" gun.  1.128" OAL.  (Going longer won't plunk into my p320 barrels.)  SD of 11 fps.


I had it on the shelf for doing light 200 gr SWC 45ACP loads.

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