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Tactical flap holster?

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Personally I consider a retention holster an absolute requirement in 2 and 3 gun competitions.  It is not even a question, and if you win or lose a match based on the raw speed of your pistol draw, you need to practice aiming more than drawing.  Personally I am a Safariland fan, but I understand that there are alot of ways to skin that particular cat, and I don't judge if someone likes another brand, except Sherpa lovers, F them guys... (kidding, they have obviously already F'd themselves).


Many matches I have been to over the years have offered or required actions that caused issues with holstered pistols, from a slung long arm banging it around to props/obstacles for it to catch on or bang against, to things like prone firing in just crappy conditions that introduced sand/mud/mulch into the firearm/holster.  All of these things are part of the game, but in my idle moments I got to wondering if it might be possible to incorporate some more protection for the holstered pistol.  I think the old skool Safariland SLS does a better job than the newer ALS models, in fact for a CO/open Glock, I have modified a SLS to protect the optic, but since I have gotten used to the ALS for everything else, the transition between the two messes me up (I need to practice more.)


Way back in the day, I used a Bianchi UM84 when it was the only holster I owned for USPSA, and the sticklers made me use the flap instead of tuck it (until I removed it), and I remember how protective it really was.  This lead me to thinking about that flap, and old school, full coverage flap holsters and if one could be modified to be used in 3 gun without too much of a performance penalty.  MAybe the Auto-lock style hood that covers the whole back of the slide already could be extended?  Then I had an inspiration.  What about a full UM84 style flap, that was secured at the top by the retention device, and still retained the elastic to let it spring out of the way when released?


So, I realize that flap holsters as they exist are a step backwards in the gun games, but I cant be the only one to regret all of the mischief that a holstered pistol can get up to.  

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When I shot the 2016 Resurgence match, I bought a surplus M12/UM84 holster. Fit my para P16 just fine. In fact this holster fits a ton of handguns.

The rules of this match mandated carrying your holstered handgun even on stages where it was not used.

I thought a flap holster would be ideal for going prone in sandy environments, moving thru obstacles etc...

The rules allowed changing holsters between stages so a blade tech was used when appropriate.

I recommend everybody get a M12 as an extra "just in case/just to have".




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NYPD swat still uses flaps on hand guns for reasons I don’t entirely understand.   To each their own.  

I had those old bianchi holsters years ago in the army.  For general carry, they weren’t terrible.    They protect the gun and provide reasonable retention.   Once you start to run them a bit, doing transition drills, etc. you see the limits pretty fast.    IMO flap holsters are like sling mounts on the bottom side of a rifle - older tech that still works, but their are better ways these days.  

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