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M&P Compact 2.0 CCP Division


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Didn’t know about this division until tonight. Been running SSP.


Not real clear on the rules for CCP. My M&P is a 2.0 Compact with the 3.6” barrel. So, I’m good on barrel length and I’m pretty sure on weight. I have two of the 15 round double stack mags and 3 of the full size M&P 17 round mags with the spacer sleeves. I guess the height is what I’m not sure about and whether it fits the division requirements.


As far as the mag requirements, can I load the 17 rounders with 8 and go shoot?


I think I read you’re limited to 3 mags, two on you in pouches and one in the gun. With the first mag loaded to 8+1, you’re limited to 25 rounds in most cases. 


Finally, I read you can run an upgraded trigger (Apex) in this division. Is this just for internals or can you run the Apex flat trigger instead of the M&P curved/hinged trigger?

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The 17 rounds will not fit in the box without shaving the base pads. Yes you can load 8 rounds in your regular mags and shoot ccp, but it still has to fit the box with the longest mag you are using. You can also run any trigger mods you want, it's basically ESP rules as far as mods go.

I would recommend borrowing a box and testing for yourself.  Most clubs I shoot at have a box that they will bring to the match if you ask the match director ahead of time.

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