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IWI Jerico relation to Tanfo?


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11 hours ago, IronArcher said:

Any information on IWI Jerico pistols all?


I owned one three years ago and yes a few parts work, but it is not a Tanfoglio. So if you're looking for a Tanfoglio buy one and don't get the Jericho.


When compared to the TF it is most similar to the "small frame." 

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16 hours ago, IronArcher said:

Thought I read somewhere that the IWI Jerico was, at least at one time or another, made by Tanfoglio.
Any truth to this? 

Any interchangeable parts?


Any information on IWI Jerico pistols all?



With small design changes from the start it was made in Tanfoglio .all major parts  from tan.  even the stamp "made in israel" was made in Italy  by tanfoglio.😉 small frame cz mags.

all this guns for iwi  past QQ for mil. spec.

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