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CZC Shadow Custom vs Target Shadow II

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15 hours ago, ES13Raven said:

Obsolete? Hardly. The SP01 Shadow is still better than many plastic guns. Plus you can shoot it in both IDPA and USPSA. 


And there's a bazillion of them out there being used by rabid fans.

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On 12/25/2019 at 1:49 AM, ES13Raven said:

$387 more for adjustable sights and different grips. Got it. 🤔

Yeah, the pricing can be out there sometimes. All of the special edition CZs are like this. Look at the Shadow 2 vs Accushadow 2 or Shadow 2 Orange prices. Better off just grabbing a Shadow 2 for $1kand upgrading the trigger yourself.

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Agree that base Shadow 2 is better deal if you are the least bit mechanically minded.  There are plenty of good youtube videos showing how to disassemble & reassemble the S2.  Suggest you have a look at the ones from Cesar Shop. 


Springs:  [Important Edit]  If you change the hammer spring, you will also need to add the extended firing pin with lighter spring.  This comes as a kit.


Easiest changes are recoil & main (hammer) spring.  CZ Custom prefers 11# recoil / 13# main; while Cajun Gun Works suggests 11.5# main & 12# to 13# recoil (depends on your load, but you are looking for cases to eject 6' - 8' from you).  You can go as light as 8.5# main, but it will NOT fire CCI primers reliably.  Key here is to balance the recoil & main springs.  Of course, the lighter (8.5#) will give you a very sweet DA pull, if that is important; but you will have to choose your ammo more carefully.  11.5# main gives you a very nice DA pull if you want absolute reliability on any ammo.


Grips: The Lok Grips are the way to go.  The Bogie has great aggressive grip.  Get 'thin' option if you like the stock style or 'swell' option if you prefer thicker, more rounded grips.


There are other things that can be done to really make this pistol really rock; but it will much more involved.  The above changes are relatively cheap & easy.

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On 12/27/2019 at 6:36 PM, Wrecks said:

Get a Shadow 2. The Shadow 1 platform is obsolete now.


Dang, anyone want my shadow 1? I picked up a pretty much new Target 2 right before Christmas for $900. I would take that over a base S2 for $100 more. That's the nice thing about buying obsolete stuff. 

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If you are looking to compete in IDPA & USPSA with the same pistol, the CZ SP-01 Shadow 1 is a good one.  Availability the base model ($880 on the CZ-USA site) does not seem to be as great as that of the Target II version ($1,300 - $1,400 on Gunbroker).  If you are adventurous & like to tinker,  you can build out the base model exactly to your liking with even more mods than the Target II, while staying within the bounds of IDPA SSP & the price difference.  Or you can just go with the Target II, run it as is---or change the springs as outlined in my post above.


One change that I am not sure about with the Target II model is the hammer.  It is a competition type that minimizes trigger creep.  Some say it bumps the Target II into ESP, others say the hammer is considered a standard CZ part so you are good to go in SSP.   If you are just shooting local club matches, I doubt anyone is going to make a serious challenge over the hammer.  However, if you are building your own from the base model, Cajun Gun Works (CGW) has the CZC hammer in their "IDPA Production Legal" hammer kits--the sear has to be changed too so that the geometry matches.  If go with a full blown upgrade kit, call them to confirm it includes the IDPA SSP hammer.  The description of the kit full upgrade kit does not specify.


On a final note, I do like the CGW site a lot.  You can select parts by specific CZ model (SP-01 Shadow in this case).  You can even confirm on the site whether or not the part you are considering will fit your CZ model.  A lot of the parts & kits for the Shadow 1 & Shadow 2 are the same as they are both pre-B type C75 models.  CGW also sells upgrade kits with decent instructions and are happy to assist you over the phone if you get stuck or need clarification.  No doubt CZ Custom has just as good Customer Service, but I did not see the focus on DIY that CGW has.

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