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Tanfoglio Stock 2 Rebuild


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New'ish to the forum in theory. I purchased a used Stock 2 that was production ready off Enos. I am not too sure what springs are in there but I believe that Bodkin did the internals. I am in the offseason for a month and was wondering what needs to be changed out to give it a tune up or refresh it for the upcoming season. As far as springs, #'s, etc. I am good with the gunsmithing but was just wondering if anyone has any leads on websites, information, etc. Any help is appreciated.

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I do load my ammo. 147's, 130PF, CCI is usually what I use.
Then you will need to purchase a 15.5 Patriot Defense Hammer Spring. Nothing else will set off CCI primers. The EGD Heavy will work as well. Anything lighter that those you'll be doing alot of slide manipulation to clear the light strikes out.

I consider switching to Winchester if you want a little bit lighter DA tigger pull.

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14lb Patriot Defense seems to be the "do all" kind of spring. 15.5 will pop anything probably.


I went from a light hammer spring with who knows how many rounds to a 15.5lb. I had a couple light strikes so I swapped it out, and even though the DA is heavier I know I'll have reliable ignition with just about anything (I normally use Winchester). I will probably put a 14lb PD spring for science.

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What's overlooked are the extractor spring and firing pin spring. Replace every single spring possible.


If needed: mag release spring, trigger bar plunger spring to stock spring.

Extra power extractor spring

Recoil spring

Patriot defense hammer spring, firing pin spring, sear spring, trigger return spring


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