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SP01 vs Tristar P120


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Looking at picking up a new pistol for IDPA that would be a a backup for USPSA production. I just ordered a Shadow 2 for USPSA and will be ordering a belt/rig as well. Since I’ve blown the budget on those items, I’m looking to save for IDPA, especially since I don’t shoot it much. 


In the last week, I’ve been reading and watching videos of CZ clones and I like what I’m seeing on the Tristar pistols, especially the heavy steel frame P120. The reviews look good. Any reason to stay away from this model? 


Thinking that I can run it in SSP, or if the DA is really heavy, go cocked and locked and run SA in ESP?

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The DA is indeed very heavy, however Cajun Gun Works has the parts to change that and make it much better. They also have sights to help fix the mediocre factory sights.


I got one a while back to play with, it's a nice pistol and the factory machining was actually better than the factory machining on my SP01. After a little work and tuning, the trigger was acceptable. Out of the 3 different CZ clones I tried out, it was actually the best (subjective and objective). The T120 felt like a toy (alloy frame full sized) and was the worst as far as accuracy. The T100 felt much better balanced and shot better than its full sized counterpart. The P120 felt well balanced and shot groups almost as tight as my SP01. The balance on the P120 is slightly different than a SP01, but most people won't notice it. It doesn't have the heavier barrel that the SP01 has either. You can make SP01 grips fit it, IIRC it just needs a slight oblonging of a grip screw hole.


I wouldn't hesitate to use one in IDPA or backup for Prod, as long as it had a little work done to it and some new, better sights.

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